What is Fostering?

Fostering is a vital part of our mission. Our fosters make a big difference in their foster rabbits life while they await to be adopted by their lifelong guardian. In foster homes, our bunnies learn to trust new humans which helps to build their confidence. This confidence helps shine a light on their unique personalities and interests. Being in a foster home also allows them to have more socialization since they will receive more one on one time, then if they were at the refuge. It is truly vital in our efforts to help our animal residents thrive until they find their lifelong home.

What do we expect from our Fosters?

We expect you to provide a safe space for your bunny inside your house. Fosters are expected to feed, shelter, nurture, and ensure your bunny gets adequate mental stimulation and exercise. To provide fresh greens twice per day if possible (once if not). To keep a clean environment for your bunny and monitor for any medical or behavioral concerns and notify us immediately if any changes occur. To drive your rabbit to vet appointments and meet and greets (occasionally we may be able to help you find a ride for your rabbit depending on where you live). Most meet and greets occur in Idaho Falls, and our vets are in Idaho Falls. We also ask that you follow any directions we provide you for administering medication. Stimulation for your bunnies can be toys as simple as a paper towel roll or cardboard boxes for coverage. Last, but certainly not least important, for you to take lots of cute pictures and videos and provide us with information about your foster bunny’s personality so we can place them in the best homes.

What do we provide to our Fosters?

We provide our fosters with all the supplies needed for our preferred bunny setup, which includes an 16 sqft exercise pen, bowls, litter box, food pellets, litter pellets, toys, and hay and blankets and towels. We ask that the foster family provides their foster bunnies food pellets, hay, and litter after the first week. We cover all medical costs and needs of the rabbit. As such, all vet visits must go through us and be pre-approved. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. We will provide you with a GI stasis emergency kit and instructions on how to use it if the need should arise.

Interested in Becoming a Foster?

Fill out our pre-screening application below and we will contact you within 3 days.

Please contact us at foster@havenhollow.org if you have any questions.