Interested in adopting but not sure if you are ready for the commitment?

Want to help a rescued rabbit, but can’t adopt? Consider fostering a bunny!

Fostering provides the experience of life with a house rabbit and helps you decide if having a lifelong house rabbit companion is the right fit for you. You can always apply to adopt the bunny you are fostering if you fall in love!

What do fosters do? Fosters are vital to our rescue as they help socialize our rabbit residents and better prepare them to find their permanent home. They also help us learn more about the bunnies personality which helps us match them to potential adopters! They provide a loving, indoor home where they can thrive and learn to trust humans with our training. Your care as a foster helps to save rabbit lives.

What is the time commitment? Your time commitment depends on you! Each fosterer sets their own fostering time frame.

What is provided? We can provide all the non perishable supplies that the bunny needs: pen, litter box, floor cover, blankets, food/water dishes, and a starter pack of pellets, hay, and litter. If you need more supplies feel free to let us know!

What information am I given? We will provide you with hands on training, which will cover basic rabbit care, handling, grooming, and how to nurture a relationship with the bunny. We also provide an educational packet to review at home which contains important in-depth information that you can use to spread information on house rabbits to your friends and family and encourage them to foster or adopt as well!