RHDV2 Vaccination Ordering!
We just got word that we can get the RHDV2 vaccine very soon! But the state didn’t give us much notice, and all orders need to be placed and prepaid by May 10th! We are working with one of our local Veterinarians,  Dr. Seda to give the order to the State of Idaho Veterinarian who will get it imported from Europe. It is our hope that all rabbits in our state have the option to be vaccinated, because as you know the RHDV2 virus is very contagious and fatal. 

Vaccinations are available for all rabbits over the age of 10 months and who are not pregnant, nursing, or ill. They cost $30 which includes a brief health examination.

Orders and payments can be made through Venmo to Dr. Seda. If you don’t have Venmo, please email me back and we can arrange another method.

To order you can search under businesses on Venmo “Eagle Rock Veterinary Services” or “Dr_Seda” or click this link:

Dr. Seda has asked that your name and email address or phone number is included so that she can contact you with information regarding the vaccination. Please help spread the word, since we only have a couple days to inform locals about the order.

Thank you! We appreciate your understanding and hope that we can help as many bunnies as possible stay safe.