Can you open your heart to a rabbit in need?

We proudly adopt domestic rabbits into loving forever homes where they are allowed to live a natural life of safety and peace as indoor companion animals. All of our rabbits have been spayed or neutered, received their RHDV2 vaccination, and are trained to use a litterbox. We require that the enclosures for our rabbits be at least 16 sqft. and that they receive at least an hour of exercise time away from their enclosure every day.

Our adoption fees are $80 for an individual rabbit and $110 for a bonded pair. The price of spaying a neutering is much higher then this, but we lower our adoption fee to assist adopters and help our rabbit residents find their lifelong guardian.

Adopting a rescue animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences one could have in life. Submit our prescreening application below to inquire about our adoption process and to learn more about our amazing animal residents!

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