About Us

How it all Began

Elissa Turpin founded Haven Hollow after she started volunteering at Funny Farm Animal Sanctuary and Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue-Idaho Falls, local nonprofits in SE Idaho. Her eyes were opened when she saw a glimpse of how many animals are bought, sold and re-homed in Idaho and surrounding States without proper education and lack of respect and empathy. Most of these misunderstood animals experience neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Many don’t survive. 

She also saw when these misunderstood animals are given a home where they can thrive, their personalities blossom and show they have many similarities to typical companion animals such as dogs and cats. Though they should be respected as being their own species and the beauty that is uniquely theirs. She experienced joy when she saw these animals as equals and tried to form friendships with them, like she would with a human. She strived to learn from their incredible traits such as wisdom, loyalty, and curiosity. She decided to take on the responsibility of running operations at Remembering Ruby, a decision that she knew should not be taken lightly. At the time there was over 80 domesticated rabbits that she and other amazing volunteers cared for. She wanted them to receive the best care and go to lifelong adopters that would have them live as house companions.


In April of 2021 all of the remaining bunnies were transferred to Haven Hollow Animal Refuge where they are living in peace and respect until they find their lifelong guardians. Haven Hollow is a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, but we have big dreams and hope to make a difference for the lives of humans and non-human animals in our community!

Our Team

Elissa Turpin
Zherui & Steph Martinez-Guo
Emily Collins
Becca & Chris Fisk